MISSION: To eliminate poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programs. GOAL: To be the most effective model of integrated rural development in West Africa. We will be adding more information soon.

Whats New at Fantsuam

Kaka Senior Citizens Service

Like other porgrammes of Fantsuam Foundation, the Kaka Senior Citizens Service grew up in response to a grwoing challenge in our host communities. Grandparents were struggling with the care of their orphaned grandchildren. This service provides Financial, Psycho-Social, Nutritional, Home-Based and Legal support for the older persons who are enrolled in the service. As an Affiliate of HelpAge International, Fantsuam Foundation is able to make inputs into the various policy process taking place at Regional and Global levels.

Rural Development Innovation Incubator

Sun, 18/08/2013 - 4:27pm -- fantsuam

The Rural Development Innovation Incubator, RDII, at Fantsuam Foundation supports various Micro and Small Entreprise innovations aimed at fast tracking rural development. The RDII provides infratsructural support, utilities, mentoring and funding for innovative ideas. The Youth-Led Services and Programs, Renewable Energy for Climate Change mitigation, Compressed Earth Bricks, Business centres, Rural connectivity, Computer Based Testing Centre have all benefitted from the RDII support.


Women as agents of renewable energy and climate change mitigation

Youth-Led Programmes and Services

Thu, 25/07/2013 - 9:38pm -- fantsuam


Youths constitute over 60% of Nigeria’s population of 167 Million and their role in the post-election crisis of April 2011 in Kafanchan underscored their potentials as responsible social actors who must be included in any sustainable development program. They are critical change agents for the promotion of peace as a basis for sustainable development. This is the main recognition for a stand-alone, independent Youth Services