Kaka Senior Citizens Service

Like other porgrammes of Fantsuam Foundation, the Kaka Senior Citizens Service grew up in response to a grwoing challenge in our host communities. Grandparents were struggling with the care of their orphaned grandchildren. This service provides Financial, Psycho-Social, Nutritional, Home-Based and Legal support for the older persons who are enrolled in the service. As an Affiliate of HelpAge International, Fantsuam Foundation is able to make inputs into the various policy process taking place at Regional and Global levels. Fantsuam's inputs are invariably informed by the realities of its experience in working with the Kaka Senior Citizens. At the local level, Fantsuam Foundation is working with other NGOs in the senatorial zone to raise the profile of services to older persons with the Kaduna State Government.

At the national level, Fantsuam Foundation is a founding member of the Nigerian Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NSGG), and through this forum we work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to encourage inclusive policies and programs. Nigeria's postion as a regional leader in the African Union is reflected in its contribution to the Africa Common Position which now recognizes the growing number of older people in the region