Our exciting distance learning experiment

Tue, 25/06/2013 - 11:39am -- pam

As you come to this website you are visiting an exciting and ambitious distance learning project.

Fantsuam Foundation needed to update its website, but there was no-one with the skills to take on the task. Our soloution was to tackle it as a practical learning project.

We had these ingredients to help us get started:

  • People who are involved in the current projects
  • People who know what has happened over the years
  • Regular UK-Nigeria online meeting
  • Other websites to look at
  • High trust relationships between various people who would need to be involved
  • UK experience of developing http://dadamac.net/

Quick introductions

I'm Pamela McLean based in the UK and today I'm working with Filo who is at Fantsuam. We're using a structure for the website  that has been prepared for us by Andy Broomfield. It's based on what Andy and I have done together in the past at dadamac.net

Filo's adding content while I'm writing this blog. When we started she had no idea of how we would go about creating this website. She was also a fairly new member of the Fantsuam team so she was having to learn about the projects at the same time, as well as doing the many other tasks that are her responsibility. She's building her skills as we go along. I'm sharing my skills - ones that Andy has taught me in the past - except that he taught me face-to-face. Filo and I are thousands of miles apart and have never met.  We normally work together through a typed chat on Skype.

Later I'll try to come back and tell you how we got this far, and what we are trying to do next.