-Community Communication Centre

Thu, 13/06/2013 - 8:25am -- Filo

Fantsuam Foundation’s vision is to be the most effective model of rural development in West Africa. Information and communications technology is a key element of this mission and Fantsuam’s internet service provider, ZittNet aim is to build sustainable community owned networks for rural development in Nigeria. 

Fantsuam and ZittNet has set up a Community Communications Centre, CCC with support from the Nigerian Communications Commission's USPF.  The CCC promotes ICT service delivery in underserved/unserved area.  In line with this service,the CCC has led the formation of a consortium of tertiary intitutions and faith-based organizations to negotiate affordable access to optic fibre.

As we promote access to affordable hardware, we also ensure individual and communities equitable access to information and communication. FF supports organizations to become proficient in the use of internet, national and international protocols regarding internet governance, internet and human rights.


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