Health Services

Thu, 13/06/2013 - 10:52am -- Filo

Fantsuam Healthcare Centre provides a range of services that have evolved in response to community needs:

I. A working healthcare facility onsite, specializing in maternal care and offering services to staff and the local community

2. Health Promotion: Promotes awareness and behavioral change on the issues and concerns related to sexual & reproductive and environmental health, and non communicable diseases: Type 2 diabetes and hypertension

3. Administrative, financial and health support and assistance for those afflicted with Sickle Cell and Epilepsy

4. Supporting the strengthening of Facility Health Committees under the PATHS program of DFID

5. The HIV/AIDS (HD) Departent also provides a range of services: PLWHA (People Living with HIV/Aids), Home Based Care (HBC) programs, HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT)Access to antiretroviral, school fees, books,Nutritional support, Family Vegetable Garden and Fish Farmood, social support, school fees and uniform for Vulnerable Children, Child-headed households and Child Carers in partnership with the Centre for Integrated Health Programs, CiHP,

6. TB Referral Centre

7. Fantsuam Rural Health Laboratories for

Community consultations and data collection

Accurate automated microbiological and hematological diagnosis for children diagnosed with blood stream infection.  Such vital information is needed by a physician needs in order to make an informed judgment about the appropriate treatment regime for her/ his patients. The centre will collect data, detect early outbreaks, and disseminate information for response to appropriate authorities. The laboratory will provide 24hour service to participating health facilities

Support for prevention/ delay of type 2 diabetes through

  • Counseling on simple lifestyle measures – maintenance of healthy body weight, regular moderate physical activity, healthy diet, avoidance of tobacco use
  • Diagnoses through blood glucose levels and advise on control, blood lipid levels
  • Screening for retinopathy
  • Screening for early signs of diabetes-related kidney disease
  • Referrals to clinicians for oral medication and/or insulin
  • Blood pressure control
  • Foot care


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