Rural Development Innovation Incubator

Sun, 18/08/2013 - 4:27pm -- fantsuam

The Rural Development Innovation Incubator, RDII, at Fantsuam Foundation supports various Micro and Small Entreprise innovations aimed at fast tracking rural development. The RDII provides infratsructural support, utilities, mentoring and funding for innovative ideas. The Youth-Led Services and Programs, Renewable Energy for Climate Change mitigation, Compressed Earth Bricks, Business centres, Rural connectivity, Computer Based Testing Centre have all benefitted from the RDII support.


Women as agents of renewable energy and climate change mitigation

The forests from Kafanchan to Jos, and Kachia have all nearly disappeared due to uncontrolled felling for domestic fuel. At Fantsuam Foundation, we recognize that it is not enough to preach that the women should stop cutting down the woods because this is a major source of income for our rural women. We would like to encourage reforestation of fast growing wood varieties that can be used for domestic fuel as well as long-term reforestation. Along side, the women are being trained to fabricate fuel-saving stoves to sell as alternatives for cutting down what is left of the savannah woodlands.

As part of its program to Promote Energy Use Efficiency for Sustainable Development, Fantsuam Foundation has collaborated with the Nigerian Developmental Association for Renewable Energies (DARE), to promote Save80 among rural women. SAVE80 is a portable stove made of stainless steel, developed and prefabricated by a German manufacturer and assembled locally to create employment and income. The SAVE80 needs only about 250 g of small brittle sticks of wood to bring 6 litres of water to the boil, 80% less than traditional fire places. The design ensures preheating of the air and a complete combustion with no visible smoke and only small amounts of ash.