daibau PARTNERS                     


Daibau International has developed an initiative Good Deeds Create Heroes through which they reach out to their partners as well as to the visitors to their platform and encourage them to support organizations that actively help people in need by making donations. Fantsuam Foundation has a slot in this initiative



       Partners    on haemophilia awareness         

Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital (BDTH). Department of Haematology and Blood Transfusion.

Fantsuam Foundation partners with BDTH to raise awareness about haemophilia in rural communities of Kaduna State through sharing of information, radio programs and provision of primary healthcare support to haemophiliacs. BDTH Promotes Community Implementation of Haemophilia Treatment Linkage Program in Kaduna State, Nigeria.






Renewable Energy Upgrade at Fantsuam Foundation

Affordable access to power remains a major hurdle for promoting rural connectivity in Kaduna State. Fantsuam has taken an additional step to addressing this gap when it upgraded its solar capacity to 45KVA Fantsuam has upgraded its solar system capacity from 4.8KWp to 14.8KWp with minimum of 4 hours of battery autonomy. This has been achieved through use of Felicity IVPM hybrid inverters, 7.5kWh Lithium-iron batteries and additional 545Wp JA solar panels